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I have the RCD510 out of my 2013 Jetta Sportwagen that I would like to install in my son's 2005.5 Jetta sedan.

I have heard some people have issues with power drain after adding this head unit to MkV Jetta, i.e. the VAG-COM CAN-Bus has to be updated or upgraded as otherwise the "sleep" mode won't kick in and it will kill the battery.

I have also read where some people don't have this problem.

Can anyone elaborate or point me to a layman's explanation as to what I need to do to install this in my son's Jetta?

Thanks! M2

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A website for retro-mod's and programming published the following about installing the RNS-510 into any vehicle.... some things to consider below: (my notes are at the bottom of the Gateway info......)

The Gateway (aka. Diagnostic Interface for Databus OR CAN-Gateway) is responsible for passing Messages from one Control Module to another, older versions of the Gateways were not compatible and caused the Databus to stay active even with the Ignition turned OFF which resulted in excessive Battery Draw and failure. To identify if your Gateway is compatible, check the (Software) Part Number and the Software Version of the Control Module shown in the Identification provided by VCDS (for example in an Auto-Scan).
Address 19: CAN Gateway Labels: 1K0-907-530.lbl
Part No SW: 1K0 907 530 K HW: 1K0 907 951
Component: J533__Gateway H12 0178

In this Example the Software Part Number is 1K0-907-530-K and the Software Version is 0178, now check the following List if your Gateway is considered NOT compatible - all part numbers NOT listed here can be considered compatible.

Control Module Part NumberSoftware VersionCompatibleNotes
1K0-907-530-A0020NoUpdate available
1K0-907-530-B0050/0070NoUpdate available
1K0-907-530-C0080NoUpdate available
1K0-907-530-D0100NoUpdate available
1K0-907-530-E0110NoUpdate available
1K0-907-530-F0120NoUpdate available
1K0-907-530-G0130/0140NoUpdate available
1K0-907-530-H0150NoUpdate available
1K0-907-530-J0160NoUpdate available
1K0-907-530-K0021NoReplacement only
1K0-907-530-K0170NoUpdate available
1K0-907-530-P0191/0192NoReplacement only

All Modules / Part Numbers that are NOT listed in the Table above are considered to be compatible. Those Part Numbers & Software Versions listed with the Note "Update available" can be updated to 1K0-907-530-K @ 0178, this often saves Money/Work which a Replacement of the Module would cause. The Update is NOT available in the US, all Rest of World VW (see TPI 2017949, 2018155, 2022606), Seat and Skoda Dealers should have access to it.:

more from me.....

In addition to this, you want to be sure you are purchasing a RNS-510 that has a hardware release of "J" or higher..... these allow for the most "up to date" code along with the battery drain fix....

In essense, an issue can exist with the RNS510 firmware where the canBUS within the car does not properly allow the RNS510 to "sleep" causing it to remain "on" at 1.5A to 2.0A.... this will lead to battery drain fast....

Ensuring you have the properly outfitted canBUS (as listed above) and purchasing the RNS510 with a revision letter of "J" or higher will help ensure you don't run into that problem.
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