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Read and tell me what is wrong?

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Ok... list of new parts:
New Throttle Body
New Fuel Pump
New DV
New n249
New n75
New n212
New vacuum lines
New Front 02 sensor
I have a problem but it seems to be associated with exhaust smell...When my car smells, It will sometimes Idle to 0 berfore it kicks back up to 800 or so. It srumbles...almost dies, then idles fine. Seems to only happen when my exhaust smells.
Any ideas?
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Re: Read and tell me what is wrong? (Project20v)

Sometimes I have surging....I give it gas, I feel the turbo, it goes away for a second (like I click the ac on/off) then it comes on again strong....that is sometimes. It seems to have the stutter idle and smell at the same time. It is not a real strong smell, but one like light sulfer?
Re: Read and tell me what is wrong? (Bug_Power)

I have the Neuspeed Dp on the car now ..... So get rid of the cat and get a better hi-flow one?
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