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READ! major problems after jump start

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I recently left my lights on in a parking lot completey draining my battery. Luckily I
had my jump cables and was able to talk someone into giving me a jump. Ever
since then my car overheats, cuts out at around 3200rpm if you give it anything
above 1/2 throttle (its like hitting a rev limiter) I changed my chip to see if that
would help but it didnt. Anyone else have any similar problems after a jump start?
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Re: READ! major problems after jump start (phizban)

is it actually overheating or is it just reading that it's over heating? some kind of sensor could have been messed up, but I don't know why it would have been caused by a jump start... unless it was rainy and there was a current sent some where that it wasn't supposed to go...
Re: READ! major problems after jump start (vagvr6)

Is the battery holding a charge? Will it still start the car? Bad batteries will reek havoc on your car, making it do odd things.
Re: READ! major problems after jump start (shftat6)

It's a bad idea to run the car to charge a completely dead battery. Your alternator is working overtime the charge the battery and there's probably not enough juice left over for other systems.
I burned out an alternator but not replacing the dying battery right away. If
your battery is still good charge it with a battery charger. You alternator
will thank you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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