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Hello All:
To try and bring some order to this forum, I propose the following protocol for post titles:
1) Indicate whether your post is a 'For Sale' (FS), a 'Want to Buy' (WTB), or a 'proposed trade' (TRADE)
2) Indicate in the title if the object is NEW or USED.
3) Keep your description in the post title concise, avoid adjectives such as 'immaculate', etc. (you can put that in the body of the post).
4) At the end of the post title, put in a slash (/) and then your location.
Please use the Report to Moderator button to report when you have sold your item, so that one of the moderators can change the prefix on the post title from FS: to SOLD:.
Thanks for your co-operation. Keeping this forum neat will save everyone a lot of time and facilitate transactions.
Be aware that Vortex classified rules require that you MUST state a selling price for the article in the first post made.
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