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Real Wood in a 2001 GTI GLX?

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Well, I'd search on this but...

Anyway, I want to find out if the trim in my GLX is wood or "wood." Anyone who's changed it know? If it's fake, I will replace it faster than you can say "cheesy." I was always under the impression it was real. I know this is stupid and not performance related, but fake wood really annoys me and I need to know if it should be corrected. Too bad, I love how my shifter feels. But, it's a principal thing.
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Re: Real Wood in a 2001 GTI GLX? (MatchStick)

It is a real wood veneer laminated onto a plastic backing for rigidity. If you have seen guitars with highly figured bodies, necks or headstocks, they use a similar procedure (unless it is solid). So in other words, yes it is real wood, but no it is not a solid chunk of wood. The shiftknob is a different story, that is solid wood.
FYI, the wood in the NA spec GLX cars is a burled walnut, tint varies, farm grown/commercially available (for you tree huggers).
All modern car manufacturers that use real wood use the veenering process, the reason being that they don't want to be the target of a law suit because a wood splinter got into someone's eye in the event of an accident...
Re: Real Wood in a 2001 GTI GLX? (roadsleeper)

woohoo - thanks dude! I didn't think it would be solid wood... http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
hehehe, I have wood.
huhuhuh - he said he had wood... huhuhuhuh....
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Re: Real Wood in a 2001 GTI GLX? (MatchStick)

Ya I believe it's real wood also. If you look at http://www.vw.com under the accessories section there is a spot where us GL and GLSer's can buy the wood that your car came with and I believe it did say it was real.
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