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Really hard to shift!! Help!

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I bought a 97 GTI 4cyl last year, which had some modifications. The shifting was real stiff, sometimes I am not able to put it in 1st or 5th.. So I pulled off the GLUED ON Momo knob, and saw that the stick had just been cut down. I understand that since its shorter, there is less leverage, but it is almost impossible to drive. Anyone have an idea what I need to change to make the car shift nicely?
thanks for any advice you can offer
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Re: Really hard to shift!! Help! (xxgtigirlxx)

go punch whoever you bought it from... that helps a little
where in miami are you from?
Re: Really hard to shift!! Help! (xxgtigirlxx)

Get the linkage adjusted. I had the same problem with reverse, 1st, 3rd and 5th gear. Notice all your trouble gears are on the upper side. Also get your gearbox checked out.
Re: Really hard to shift!! Help! (xxgtigirlxx)

You can also try the following:
1. Changing the tranny fluid MAY help
2. You can spray some WD-40 or similar on the linkages, that may smooth things out a bit. The linkage is down below the brake master cylinder and a little to the left if you are standing in front of the car.
Re: Really hard to shift!! Help! (xxgtigirlxx)

Most likely your linkage is in need of adjustment. While a shortened lever reduces your leverage, mine is chopped down ~2" and it's very easy to get in gear.
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