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I am doing the rear brakes on an 89 GLI 16v that i picked up, it had a bent rear beam so when i swapped it over, I did all of the hard and soft lines from the prop-valve to the rear since it was all too crusted to re-use. The prop valve was from the other used beam...and it had been sitting unsealed for a few months...
Go to bleed them, and I have, NO pedal at all, even after bleeding all 4 corners multiple times. The pedal feel was nice previous to this.
When the pedal is pressed, I can hear a click from the prop valve, and regardless of position, the spring is never tight. I can move the valve freely with my hand. Fluid does come out of the rear bleeders, but not in typical pressurized fashion, it comes out slower.
could the prop valve be bad? spring bad? or do I just need to bleed the **** out of these mother ****ers? I have never had an issue when bleeding brakes before and its starting to piss me off
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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