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rear brake options

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is there any other options for rear disk setups for my cabby other than rocco setup?will a golf work with rocco stub axles?audi parts?i know i can put a3 drums on for bigger drums but i want to switch over to disk and the larger master cylinder.
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Re: rear brake options (tibbar)

i believe there is a way to do it with audi parts.......
Re: rear brake options (VW TANK)

quote:[HR][/HR]i believe there is a way to do it with audi parts.......[HR][/HR]​
I dunno... All of the Audi's I looked at with rear discs had a six-bolt pattern on the spindle, and the calipers were also bolted to the axle beam instead of the spindle like the rest of the A1 disc setups I saw.
Find an A2 Jetta GLi, the rear spindles are a bolt-up on an A1, although I think you'll need shorter parking brake cables than the A2 uses.
Re: rear brake options (evpusher)

I believe you can use the a2 spindles/carriers/calipers/rotors... but you do need the rocco brake cables... they are the same design as the a1's up front but will work with the calipers in the rear
Re: rear brake options (pumbaa)

I used everything from an A2 Jetta to do my swap. Calipers, stub axles, rotors, and parking brake cables.
They did seem a little bit long, nothing a little creative cable routing can't solve.
I would rather find a 'rocco though, you can do the swap in about an hour this way as long as nothing stupid happens like frozen lower strut bolts.
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