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Rear seat protection

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Anyone know of something good I can put on my backseat to protect them from my dog when I take her for a ride? Like a cover or something?
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Re: Rear seat protection (Vandal)

A really cool car blanket???
Re: Rear seat protection (vwguild)

What kind of dog? You can fit a large kennel in the seat sideway's... Also there is a cool rear seat "sling" that cover the rear seat and foot well. It's like a seat cover, but it hangs on both the front and rear headrests like a hammock. It protects everything including the front passengers, and seats, and give's them a nice comfy secure little place to lay down. Sorry, but I have no info on it.

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Re: Rear seat protection (pass-variant)

I use those waterproof mats that are used in baby cribs. Cotton on the outside and a rubber layer inside - liquids won't leak through. Not very attractive but it works.
Re: Rear seat protection (vwguild)

Yes, something like that. I just want something to protect my seats from her paws and maybe her fur (white). I know no matter what I'll have white fur, but I have a nice vacuum and lint brick.
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