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rear spoiler brake light changeover question.

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I am ordering a new rear window because my defrost is broken. I can order the glass for a 91-92 GTI and buy a new spoiler with the brake light. Does the spoiler mount only to the glass or do I need a different hatch? Thank you for any help.
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Re: rear spoiler brake light changeover question. (bluegti16v)

Only mounts to the glass. Has 3 studs that are attatched to the spoiler and you put a nut on the back side of the glass and there is a acorn nut style cover that covers the nut. I don't know what style brake light you are looking for but I have a rear glass that has a working defrost, glass seal, 3rd brake light, and a stock spoiler. I am looking to sell it. The 3rd brake light is the one that is under the spoiler and not the one in the spoiler but if you are interested e-mail me. I am looking to get rid of it so I will sell it cheap.
Re: rear spoiler brake light changeover question. (Caleb)

I was looking for the newer style so that I can get the brake light out of my rear view mirror, plus I think the other style looks better. Thank you anyway.
Re: rear spoiler brake light changeover question. (bluegti16v)

Understandable. Thats why I actually have mine for sale. I went with a glass out of a 85 that doesn't have a third brake light. I was going to go with the led brake light in the spoiler but it is pretty expensive and hard to find. I think that the led brake light only came on 92 GTI's. I have a 91 GTI and mine had the large 3rd brake light that was under the spoiler. Hope this helps you find one.
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