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rear wiper problem... please help!

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So it started to rain today and I was on the road and when I went to turn on the rear wipers, it didn't work. Washer liquid shoots out but wiper arm dosen't move too. I check the fuse box and the fuse doen't seem to be blown. I was wondering if there was a shotage in the relay somewhere cuz when I put in the juper for my euro switch I accedently put it in another relay spot at first. When I switch the rear wiper on it makes a clicking noise about every 6 seconds. Please help me fix this problem and many
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Re: rear wiper problem... please help! (knvs)

Just shave your rear wiper, it worked for me.
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Re: rear wiper problem... please help! (EchoOfGecko)

maybe your motor is shot. it could need replaced. if you find out that that is the case, i have a GTi rear wiper motor i wiould be willing to sell you. let me know.
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