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rearview mirror question

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my disrespectful/dumbass friend broke my interior mirror off. the round part is still on the windshield, but it seems kind of hard to get the mirror to hook into that. any tricks, tips, has anyone ever been able to get it on?
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Re: rearview mirror question (28)

I'd use what's left of your mirror and beat him to a pulp with it. Then drag his butt to the nearest dealer and have him buy you a new replacement. Makes you wonder why you pick the friends you do? If my friend did that, well wait, he knows better than to act up in the car!!!!!! Sorry I can't be of any real help!!!
Re: rearview mirror question (Johnny G)

see my friends act up. disrespectful jerks. The one in the back was wackin his guitar case all over the place. scratching up panels. damn.
well I figured out that you have to put it in at an angle and twist. way easy.
Re: rearview mirror question (28)

turn the mirrror 90 deg and push it onto the mount tunr it back and it should stay
I always turn mine to the driver side
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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