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Reasonable for Pedals?

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I haven't really paid attention to how much these go for before. Is this reasonable for what he's selling?
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Re: Reasonable for Pedals? (BRM10984)

i paid around that much for my tt pedal set (with deadpedal) about 1.5 years ago, so i would say it's reasonable.
umm not really.. i know the beetle turbo s dead pedal is only 60CDN and the TT pedals for a manual are 60CDN too.. i dunno buy them if you like.. http://www.parts4vw.com and a ton of other shops will give you an accurate price.. http://www.pgperformance.com too
Re: Reasonable for Pedals? (BRM10984)

i dont know how good of a deal it is but, i when and got pedals from dicount auto for 10.00 and no one can tell . and in my opionon they look just as good
i have those on order from pgperformance, ~$80 shipped. funny, the ebay seller and pgp are both in BC, canada. probably getting them from the same supplier.
i got my price on their 20% off stock clearance sale, so i dunno if you can still get it for that much.
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