Lamborghini is issuing a recall on its Lamborghini Aventador SVJ after it was discovered that passengers could get stuck inside. Lamborghini is blaming the problem on the new guy.

No, for real. In NHTSA’s description of the defect, they cite a “non-properly trained new operator” who was installing a Bowden cable pin incorrectly. Basically, the door handles could fail, effectively trapping owners inside.

So basically, about 40% of Aventador SVJs made between December 3, 2019, and January 22, 2020, are elaborately gilded cages right now, according to NHTSA.

Lamborghini found a few cars with broken door handles during internal quality checks and found that there’s no real way to tell when the cable will fail. Not only could that be annoying, it could be dangerous if the car was on fire, which, let’s be honest, it’s a Lamborghini, so that’s pretty likely.

Lamborghini will be getting in touch with its customers in May and will replace the door handles free of charge.