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Recalls or upgrades for 04 models

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Are there any recalls or updates of hardware/software that my (new to me) 04 may be subject to? For instance, any upgraded software for various systems that the dealer may do for me at minimal charge since the car is out of warranty?
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Re: Recalls or upgrades for 04 models (nascarpilot)

Please refer to the Phaeton forum "Table of Contents" (Frequently Asked Questions), about 90% of the way down the list you will find a post entitled "Software Upgrades" and another post entitled "List of Phaeton Technical Bulletins Issued".
I believe that these two posts speak directly to what you are asking about.
The "Table of Contents" (Frequently Asked Questions) thread can be found very close to the top of the first page of the forum topic list.
Re: Recalls or upgrades for 04 models (nascarpilot)

Hi Robert,
Again welcome to the forum. Try these. It's a good start.
Michael beat me to the post. Again.


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Re: Recalls or upgrades for 04 models (W126C)

But you made a much better post than I. I was in a rush - had to go catch a plane (again).
There is a recall campaign. The dealer did two things for my 04 Phaeton,
One was described as : reprogram instrument cluster
Second was some hardware change in the heating circuit.
I tried to get more information about the Re call but I couldn't.

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