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I was just wondering what recalls there were on the 2000 golf/gti model. I have been having a few problems with mine.
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Re: Recalls?? (juststarted)

I think the ignition coil packs were recalled on an as needed basis.
.....Can anyone confirm?
Re: Recalls?? (VR6VTECWRX)

I just got my second recall letter... Everyones coil packs for those years have/going to be recalled. That means... its fixed even if its not broken! but I am sure everyone here already knows that
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Re: Recalls?? (ninaf)

Wasn't there a recall on the master brake cylinder?
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Re: Recalls?? (juststarted)

Somebody posted about an 02 sensor recall in response to a question of mine about a 'check engine' light... I don't think it's an issue specific to the golf, or even VW, however.
What kind of problems? I've got a 2000 as well.
Re: Recalls?? (CR_golf)

Depends on if its a GTI or a Golf.
What motor it is and all that crap.
Also goto the VW website and do a search for Recall.

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