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Recaro Seats Rocking

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I recently had the floor in my 90 GTI fixed. I have a set of Power Recaro's in it. The guy that fixed the floor but everything back in the car but now my Recaros seem to rock alittle. The guys told me that there were bushing on the seat or something and they were all wore out. Is possible to replace these or fix the rocking problem? I am worried about ruining the rails that seat sits in now that the seat doesn't fit snug in the rail?
Any help would be great...
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Re: Recaro Seats Rocking (Whitman27)

Ditto! I have the same prob. Gets a bit scary in the twisties!
Any help????
Re: Recaro Seats Rocking (89GLi)

Pull the seat back out. Look at the two rear "legs"; where it slides in the rails. You should see a white plastic clip on each one. If they are worn or missing replace them and all will be well.
Re: Recaro Seats Rocking (Patrick Schmidt)

Those are the peices that I am missing. There were worn out.
Where can I get them from? VW or do I have to go to Recaro to get them?
Re: Recaro Seats Rocking (89GLi)

ya, there are nylon(sp=?) bushings that go in the floor runners for the seat. they often break/crack. i have luckily never had that problem with my rocco,, but i have friends that do.
not sure if you can buy replacment bushings, but if you cant i am sure you can make your own to fix the problem.
dont for get to lube them up when installing them. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Recaro Seats Rocking (rockin16v)

They are available at the dealership. Only cost a couple of bucks. Easy fix on these.
Re: Recaro Seats Rocking (Whitman27)

171 881 213 B 'Guide Piece, Outer' 171 881 213 'Inner' should be the part(s) you want. Also check something called the buffer which works on the center adjustment rail (357 881 195 I think), IIRC it's soft rubber and attaches to the front adjustment point (the center rail runs through it at the adjustment latch pin).
Re: Recaro Seats Rocking (ericb49)

Thanks Everyone!
I am off to the Dealer to pick up the parts tomorrow will let you know how it works out!
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