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Receiver style trailer hitch?

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Greetings All,
Looking for a receiver style trailer hitch for my Rabbit Convertible - the better to accept a bike rack.
Anybody know where I can buy one?
fat biker
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Re: Receiver style trailer hitch? (fat biker)

Hi FB,
I ordered my draw-tite receiver hitch from http://www.1800hitchit.com.
It was not for an A-1, but for my a-4 jetta. 800hitchit was great to work with, got it in two days. They sell (unlike some places) the receiver and drawbar seperately, they'll make sure you know that when you call. If you order on line, you'll have to order both. I got the draw-tite class 1 (up to 2000lbs) and the drawbar for $144 including shipping and tax.
You might not need the drawbar, since you want to do bike rack....the only thing is that only class 1 was available for VW that I saw and the receiver is puny (1-1/4", I think) compared to a regular, man-truck type reciever.
Hope this helps.
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