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Thought you guys might like to see this.
Bought this in Dec. '92 bone stock. Replaced damn near every part except for the engine and interior (flawless leather, a credit to the previous owner). Car had 106k miles on it and 140 when I sold it 3 years later...
Momo Aries (laugh all you want, they were cool at the time)
Neuspeed/Bilstein HD suspension
Neuspeed throttle body
Euro headlight conversion
Neuspeed upper strut tie bar
Fuba antenna
Misc. audio components

At the time it was the only modded VW in Portland as far as I know.

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Re: Recently scanned pics of my '83... (VWUberAlles)

yeah...those wheels fit the 80's scirocco style, I'm crazy too, I guess, cuz I like 'em. Looks very european. Looks really good with the lights on.
quote:[HR][/HR]nice! call me nuts but i kinda dig the wheels![HR][/HR]​
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