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Re: recharge (SullenSolace)

I've said this many times, and I'll say it again....
If you are so lost in finding where and a/c system needs to be recharged, then you have no business messing with it.
You can't just buy a can of R-134a at Pep Boys and "recharge" an a/c system. The system is a closed system, and as such, requires a COMPLETE vaccum to work at it's peak efficiency. Recharging is a waste of time and $$$.
If, and I say "IF' the system is truely in need of a recharge, you have a leak that needs to be addressed BEFORE you do anything.
Take your car to a qualified a/c tech, and have them fix it correctly...it's not something most home techs can work on, not without the knowledge and tools that are needed and specific to working on an automotive a/c system.
Good Luck.
...and please don't reply to a post EVERY 5 minutes, someone will eventually chime in....

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#1: Coolant does not disappear magically from your A/C system -- you have a leak somewhere.
#2: You cant just shove a can of coolant into the system, you have to add a certain amount and that can vary depending on who makes the compressor in your car
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Always use an Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) approved refrigerant recovery/recycling/recharging unit such as Kent-Moore ACR4, or equivalent, whenever discharging an R-134a A/C system.

Any person who services a motor vehicle air conditioner MUST, by law, be properly trained and certified and use approved refrigerant recycling equipment. Technicians must complete an EPA approved recycling course to be certified.

State and local governments may have additional requirements regarding air conditioning servicing. Always comply with state and local laws.

Always wear safety goggles when charging or discharging system.
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