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Hello fellow AZ’ers!
I have a problem I was hoping y’all could help me with.
My car is a 1997 Audi A4 Quattro 5 speed 1.8t AEB engine code, drive by cable

So about 3 months ago my original ECU which was chipped just stopped working and I got a replacement from a local shop.
Ever since it was replaced I noticed that when I am driving at any speed over 15 mph and I engage the clutch and shift to neutral, the RPM’s fluctuate between 200-1000rpms. At some point it seems like the engine is going to shut off so I have to give it gas.
I finally got the full version of VCDS and a legit cable from Ross Tech to see what was going on. I am a novice so this is all I know so far ....

-My ECU is part number 8D0 907 557 N
-It is coded 06251 which is meant for Automatic not 5 speed which I have.
-The correct code is supposed to be 06201 which I have tried to recode to.

I have followed some forum instructions to no luck
I have tried using shop code 65535 but it does not save!!
Please help
Can I recode this ecu to manual or is my only option to buy a new ECU?

I think the correct part number I should have is 8D0 907 558 P? Correct me if I’m wrong

Here’s a screenshot of the Fault codes idk if that helps but I think the first code pops up because it is the incorrect ECU
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