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Recommend a windshield shop in Seattle?

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Got unlucky and got a rock chip/crack in my windshield as I was driving back from mom's after Thanksgiving. My dealer says they don't actually do glass repair/replacement, they just farm it out. I called their referral and left a message but never got a call back, so I'm looking for any recommendations from you folks. I live in the Seattle area and work in the Redmond area.
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Re: Recommend a windshield shop in Seattle? (LIK)

What neighborhood would be best for you?
My boyfriend does route sales for PPG autoglass, they supply a HUGE majority of the autoglass retailers in Western Washington, I could ask him who he recommends. He's worked on a daily basis with auto glass installers from as far south as Fife to as far north as Blaine.
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Re: Recommend a windshield shop in Seattle? (sachiko)

Hey thank you! Probably somewhere in the Redmond area, where I could leave my car for the day while I'm at work, would work best for me. But I also live near downtown Seattle so if there's a really great place there that he'd recommend above any other, that is fine too. I really want a quality job done, of course.
Thanks again for your help.
Re: Recommend a windshield shop in Seattle? (LIK)

Unfortunately Redmond is one of the areas he doesn't sell to, however he said he thinks there is a place called Glass Pro over there and they tend to do good work at all of their locations.
Re: Recommend a windshield shop in Seattle? (sachiko)

Thanks again.
One more bump to see if anyone else has a good recomendation for a place to get my windshield replaced in the greater Seattle area.
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