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Red/Smoke Tailights

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I just bought a '95 Jetta. I want the red/smoke tailights, where can i get them at the cheapest price. Also, I would be interested in ALL RED tailights, do they make them, and where can I get them and how much.

[Modified by Frank3, 3:42 AM 2-12-2002]

[Modified by Frank3, 3:45 AM 2-12-2002]
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These cheap enough????
I don't belive they make all red tails for the Jetta, I think anybody who has them got them custom made. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Red/Smoke Tailights (Frank3)

try smoking them yourself.
i am going to try it, it won't cost too much, so if you mess up you can still opt for the real ones
Re: Red/Smoke Tailights (adias14)

mine were cracked from a fender bender, so i smoked mine myself, they came out nice.....

really bad pic, but it is my only one ill probably shoot another one tomorrow
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Re: Red/Smoke Tailights (JuiceJetta)

Just go to a scrap yard and pick them up. 100$ cdn max
Re: Red/Smoke Tailights (vrsik)

if you are lucky enough to have wrecked dubs in your area....i cant find anything im my hometown, but went to cali over christmas break and vdub parts wre everywhere
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Re: Red/Smoke Tailights (Frank3)

You chose a great pic there Frank3
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Re: Red/Smoke Tailights (Verruckt)

either get smoked / red oem tails, or tint them red yourself. Dont smoke them yourself, it wont look right at all.
red / smoked ones can be found in the classifieds for usually around $70-$80. All red ones can be made by spraypainting the orange part with tamiya transparent red spraypaint, then dremmeling out the orange from the back
Re: Red/Smoke Tailights (Slapshotnerd)

I used to have ALL reds, looked okay, they were painted/tinted red and I just didnt like the texture of the red. I just didnt look right. So I swapped em out for the red/smoke ones and Im much happier now. Although I was jsut browsing around momentums website and I though I saw some smoked/clear tails for the mkIII , anybody have pics of those
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Re: Red/Smoke Tailights (veedublvr)

there you go man....nice eh.....
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Re: Red/Smoke Tailights (mk3pekk)

right there... the red and clears!! my favorite tails...
in the meantime, i'm satisfied w/ my GLX style tails (came w/ my trek http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif )
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Re: Red/Smoke Tailights (4NRYDE)

something i saw on a jetta in my town is that he took the orange reflector out of the blinker part in his smoked tails and put in a red bulb. Looked kinda cool.
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