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Reinforcing the lower front valace, any ideas

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Hi all,
I am one of those clumsy drivers who time after time get my lower front valace stuck on a curb parking, this intern pulls part of the bumper out. This although easy to fix is one big pain in the butt.
Now its the third time.... and I am getting very annoyed with my self, has anybody found a way around it. I am thinking of eather shaving a bit off the bottom of the valace.
any ideas ?
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Re: Reinforcing the lower front valace, any ideas (nuke941)

I did this and ruined my valance. I found that since the valance tucks in so far, that is what caught, so i cut 3 inches from the inside of the valance. Then, i threw it away and got a 4 motion front. The old one was pretty messed up by the previous owner. Now that I am lowered, I have to be extra careful because the same curbs will push in your bumper instead of silde under
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Re: Reinforcing the lower front valace, any ideas (2kjettaguy)

suggestion ..raise you car to SUV height....Just kidding

I tore my bumper off a couple of times too...I guess I learned my lesson now I just Back-in park everywhere i go!!!
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