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Relocating cd player on 96 GTi?

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hey guys,
I am new here and new to "dubbing" I just got a 96 Gti and love it, I had a crx si which was nice but, pushed her a little to hard and she decided to break the timing belt... its a sad story but I see it as a chance to get into a different area than the usual "honda scene". anyways... I am really starting to love my gti as is <stock > and plan to do some mods. just one thing keeps bugging me. The radio is up to high IMO and I was wondering if anyone here has moved it to the lower part of the console? is it possible? if so is it really expensive? any help would be appreciated...
Ps: I have posted this in the "golf and jetta III" forum I just found this one, sorry for the double pt just thought here would be a better suited place since it is c car audio related

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Re: Relocating cd player on 96 GTi? (Maceman)

You will need to do some custom work but it can be done. I'm in the process of doing the same with the Blaupunkt in dash changer.
Take it to a shop, or if you're crafty try to do something yourself. You'll need to do some cutting and filling to make it look right, but good luck to you!
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