Cast your mind back to the heady days of the early millennium. Back then we all wanted a chopper and the people who made them were gods among men. Or, b-list celebrities or whatever. Among the builders one man was king, Jesse James, and now you can buy his Notchback.

James’ 1965 right-hand drive Type 3 Notchback is currently for sale on ebay and it’s actually really nice.


The dark green VW has been expertly restored and features lovely-looking upholstery, and a very clean, mildly stanced exterior.

James inexplicably imported this car from Australia, so you’d need to take a brave pill to pass someone on a two-lane highway, but that does add to the exoticism of the car. According to the ad, the Notchback has been on Monster Garage, so you can dust off your DVD collection and keep it in the car to impress kids at your local car show.

Two details leap out as the majorly divisive issues on this car. The first is the 17’ BRM wheels, which look… okay, I guess. It’s a look. The second detail is the new soundsystem inside, with authentic early 2000’s deck for effect. The ad says the system is hidden, which is good, but there’s something that deck that rubs me the wrong way. It just looks out of place, even though it’s hidden in the glove box.

The final issue is the price, which currently stands at a pretty sizable $30,200. If that sounds worth it to you, you only have seven days to make your offer.