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removing badges

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I wanna remove the GTI16V badge of the back of my car. are there holes behind it or is held on by glue? not gonna remove it if there are holes behind it.
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Re: removing badges (Matt1072)

Nope it's held on by double sided tape stuff. Just use a piece of string to get behind the badge the saw it off. Use WD-40 to get the gooo off after your done.
Re: removing badges (WHITE8V92GTI)

would that be the same on an '89 gti 16V?
Re: removing badges (estus)

quote:[HR][/HR]would that be the same on an '89 gti 16V?[HR][/HR]​
Yeah, and if it is cold, you may want to use a hair dryer also, makes things a little easier.
Re: removing badges (8vGTI)

what about the vw badges on the left side, the small VW symbol and the word Volkswagen. Those have holes don't they?
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