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removing interior door panel

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is there anyway to remove the door panel without opening the door?
the linkage in my handle broke or something and i cannot open it from the inside or the outside. any help would be appreciated.
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Re: removing interior door panel (zero.)

On my '95 GLX there are small torx head screws around the outside of the panel. and you need to open the door to get to them, so I am not sure what to tell you to do...
Re: removing interior door panel (EuroStyle)

holy crap
how the hell is that possible i took of my door panel today but you have to have the door open to remove it
try to see if you can find the linkage and use a pair of plyers and pull the linkage towards you from the inside
i hope this helps
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Re: removing interior door panel (plasmavw)

thanks for the suggestions. i think i am just going to cut the panel right off soon if i can't fix it an easier way.
Re: removing interior door panel (zero.)

Yeeeouch! I feel your pain!
Have you tried calling a place that does towing or such to see if the door can be "slim jim'd" like when folks lock their keys in the car. Just a thought. Best of luck!
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Re: removing interior door panel (zero.)

Are you sure the lock is not frozen in the door (don't look at me that way!!!)
I can unlock my doors in the winter, but the drivers side door can still be frozen... If this is the case, drive over to the local spray wash, hit it with a couple quick passes with the hose, and open the door.
It will eventaully freeze again, but that should get it open for you...
Might want to look into some graphite lock stuff (Keeps locks from freezing)
If I am way off base here, sorry...
-- Whol
Re: removing interior door panel (Wholsea)

yeah...it's definately not frozen. i wish that was the case however. i was pretty pissed off cause the lock cylinder broke. then i just jammed a screw driver there in anger and ****** up the handle.
Re: removing interior door panel (zero.)

i fixed it. i ended up cutting allalong the edge of the panel just the small area with cloth. practically ripped the thing off, but it works now. i am going totry to fix it with somesort ofadhesive or just buy a new panel.
Re: removing interior door panel (Clone_number2)

yeah i probably should have just tried that before cutting it and messing it all up cause the one side did come out without unscrewing. oh well.
Re: removing interior door panel (zero.)

In case anyone runs into this problem in the future, my passanger side door wouldn't open int. or ext. Volkswagen said $100 to even look at it ?!? My mechanic asked if it had been up on a lift ??? as somtimes this will "tweak" the frame and cause locks to stick! He recommended to pull int. handle and "put my shoulder into it" and kinda jiggled the door. It did come open, possibly saving tearing your door up. The door is again stuck so I'm wondering if anyone knows the Fix, maybe some sort of adjustment???
Re: removing interior door panel (TDISteve)

yeah. i probably shouldnt have cut the panel open. i'm just going to take out the rubber cement and fix it up a bit. hopefully i can get my hands on a new panel soon.
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