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Removing stain from nail polish remover off white paint ??

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Thankfully it wasn't on my car but it is on a piece of car stereo equipment. I was removing an adhesive sticker that had been placed on top of it. That came off nicely but a few mintues later I noticed there is a slight yellow stain where I applied the liquid. Looking at the jar the fluid is slightly yellow in color itself.
The surface is flat and the finish is a shiny white and looks like paint on a car. I took some Mother's to it, I used the three step process, REMOVER / GLAZE / WAX .
This took a bit of the yellow out but its still there. It looks almost like the yellow residue from tabacco but lighter. I also tried rubbing alchohol [should have used that in the 1st place but found the other stuff first] and then bleach. Neither of which had any effect.
I thought nail polish remover was as harmless and rubbing alchohol ??
Any suggestions on how to get this off ?
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Re: Removing stain from nail polish remover off white paint ?? (Lexi)

Not harmless, has acetone in it, a clorinated solvent and it broke down the resin system that makes up the urethane coating the manufacturer applied to the product.
Nasty stuff, nail polish remover, some even have MEK in them.
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