We already know that Volkswagen will be bringing a long wheelbase version of it's new Tiguan to the states, but as of now, we've yet to see where exactly that extra length will come from.  In a recent rendering from Theophilus Chin, the so-called "automotive manipulator" takes a stab at just how that longer vehicle might look.

By hiding those extra few inches in the rear door and cargo area, Chin has come up with a design that not only looks production ready, but downright large.  We've been hearing that the interior of the new Tiguan is quite spacious in production form, and by that metric, the US-spec long wheelbase version should feel cavernous.  The latest rumors suggest that this longer Tiguan will appear in Paris for this year's Paris Motor Show.  As Volkswagen is admittedly a bit behind the curve when it comes to the SUV marketplace here in America, we'll be watching this one quite closely.