Like it or not, more upright and utilitarian body styles like the MPV and crossover are crushing it when it comes to consumer popularity. Given this market trend, one has to wonder if there's not a market for a performance variant and, if so, if the handsome new European market Touran would fill such a need with a GTI version.

Well, maybe you weren't wondering that exact thing, but X-tomi Design was and they've rendered the above.

So, are we nuts for not being a bit intrigued? We'll be honest, we don't get the Touran or Caddy here and in some ways we wish we did. Yes, there's Orchid Euro's Project Caddyvan, but unless you're an importation guru like Orchid's Jamie Orr, these models are effectively unobtainium.

Even still, we will admit we find ourselves thinking every time we see a Ford Transit Connect passenger variant in North American traffic that this model would be a whole lot cooler if they built a Transit Connect with the drivetrain from the more potent and enthusiast Focus ST. And, as Volkswagen enthusiasts, a VW version of this would be even better.

Yes, in a perfect world, we think we'd still love a Golf Sportwagen GTI or R more than any of these performance MPVs, but in a world where MPVs and crossovers have such a large market share, we could live with a Touran GTI.

Check this out in larger resolution over at X-tomi Design HERE .