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Repair manual??

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where can I find a full repair manual for the 1990 G60. I need one, I dont even have an owners manual.
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Re: Repair manual?? (GZDCorrado)

You can order one from amazon.com, last time i checked it was back ordered. You can also try ebay, that's where i got mine from. Also try http://www.vwaftermarket.com/catalo...manuals&action=step_two&title=Bentley Manuals or http://www.motorworks.com/vw/cgi-bi...2020710513913&UREQA=3&UREQB=4&UREQC=5&UREQD=6 IMO EBay is your best bet for a good price. Both sites have them for 100 and up. Not sure what amazon's price was. You can also check to see if anyone is selling their corrado and has a manual that they are no longer going to need. Also, from what i understand, there is no specific g60 manual. it contains info on the vr6 slc and g60.

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