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Repair Manuals, Are there Any Out There?

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Greetings All,
I saw the thread recently about the "Bentley" repair manual at the supremepowerparts.com web site and investigated it further. But it seems that that manual does not cover the 02 and up Passats. I like to do a lot of my own repair wurk and would love to know of any other up-to-date repair manuals out there. Preferably something NOT on Cd-Rom. In addition to which, I checked out the european headlight switch at parts4vws.com and would like to order it, but I can't get an answer out of the site as to weather or not it has the same interior light setup as my stock switch. Can anyone assist me here?
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Re: Repair Manuals, Are there Any Out There? (Skyking)

It says this is the "next generation" of manual. Anybody know if that phrase has any meaning? I think I remember the general consensus on the Bentley manuals has been that they're mediocre, at best.
-Darrin Sharp
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