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repeated alternator failures on 12v VR6, A3s?

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I have a 98 Golf VR6 and am on my third alternator (the extended coverage turned out to be useful after all). The folks at the local dealership are perfectly good at fixing it, not so helpful on persistent causes.
Has anyone had any similar trouble with persistent fails? The car just gets basic daily use and the occasional long haul trip (plus necessary demonstrations to various yahoos that their reflexes are slow and so is their car). The only change to the car from stock is a Blaupunkt in-dash and changer, and the alternator probs started before that...
Any explanations, alternatives, suggestions of interest.
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Re: repeated alternator failures on 12v VR6, A3s? (vwhaggis)

My car ate an alternator at 22k miles. I'm at 60k miles with no problems on the replacement.
Re: repeated alternator failures on 12v VR6, A3s? (vwhaggis)

I am about to replace my alternator for the 2nd time. THey seem to last 2 years. This time, I'm not paying the $450 for the dealer part + labor.
Not happy about doing this in an unheated garage right now!
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