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Replaced the coolant sensor...........

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My corrado takes forever to start and I relaced the coolant sensor...didn't fix my problem.....what's next ?????????? she starts right up after she's been running for a while or after she sits less than an hour or so. Any suggestions ????I noticed the battery indicator dimly lit while I was driving..this light means alternator or v belt but it is not fullly lit
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Re: Replaced the coolant sensor........... (maschinenvolkg60)

Check the usual... Loose v belts, bad alternator, voltage regulator.... Also, one other common problem that is hard to trace is the exiter wire (small blue wire in the alternator)... it sometimes breaks inside the insulation... causing it to make intermittent contact because of vibration... That could be why the car seems to start right up on certain occasions but is very hard to start on others...
Keep us posted!!!
Re: Replaced the coolant sensor........... (maschinenvolkg60)

Hey, make sure the coolant sensor that you bought is GOOD, I was told by my VW Mechanic that those sensors are known to come DEAD from the factory, when I replaced mine he let me install mine in the parking lot, to make sure I got a good one. The reason I did the install is that his garage manager was wanting to charge me for the install wether it worked or not???? The first one did not work, second one did.
I am happy now.
Re: Replaced the coolant sensor........... (TexasCorradoG60)

quote:[HR][/HR] The first one did not work, second one did.
I am happy now.[HR][/HR]​
atleast one of us is happy .....cause it's getting colder and taking even longer to start. I think it is something with the ecu itself.....and out of curiosity what told you it was good or bad ...did you have a problem that was not fixed then fixed..
and my Bentley cd-rom manual isn't working for some reason
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