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Replacement HID Look Lights

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Ok, I know it's been hammered to death but I really want to know what bulbs I can get that will give me that HID look. I want a good light that will not burn up any kind of wiring or anything. I got a '01 Jetta. So, what kind should I get, and where can I get them?
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Re: Replacement HID Look Lights (Rollin2Slow)

you can try syvania silverstars. not sure if they give you the fake ID look, but it's pretty bright and white from what i've read.
just make sure they are stock wattage (55/65) to avoid melting your harnesses
Re: Replacement HID Look Lights (Rollin2Slow)

You will output LESS light.
It will be brighter and whiter...these are color-related, or chrominance.
Your actual visible, useful light is cut down...this is luminance.
The Fake.I.D. light makers market the color signature as "near HID"...yes...in terms of chrominance. NOT in terms of luminance.
Get some Silverstars or VisionPlus. They're the only ones really making real useful difference w/out beefed wiring and/or relays.
Re: Replacement HID Look Lights (Jman5000)

Any more I could try?
Re: Replacement HID Look Lights (Jman5000)

Yeah, SilverStars...but can't get them for a GOLF or GTI...since they don't make them in H7 yet...or H3. I have e-mailed Sylvania numerous times telling them that they might want to start making the SilverStars in H7 and H3 since most fogs are H3 and newer lights are going to H7 in smaller cars.
Re: Replacement HID Look Lights (user name unknown)

I just put a set of PIAAs in my car and they are great. I tested them out on the dark country road immediately beside my place to see if they actually made an improvement, and the definitely do. The light is whiter and I could pick out objects further down the road on both low and high beams. They also did a decent job of filling in the "blank spots" that were present with my standard bulbs.
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