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I know a bunch of others had dead blowers but havent heard anything fo a bit...Just in case anyone thinks it is a big job to do....It isn't! It is probably easier than changing your oil...
1st: Remove the passenger side kneebar
look under your drivers side kneebar by the center console. there should be a small rectangular plastic cap there. Pull it off and hidden behind is a 6mm allen head screw. remove this screw. Then remove the two philips head screws at the passenger door side of the kneebar which may or may not be covered by a plastc cover (mine were gone). you should now be able to pull out the passenger side kneebar with ease.
2nd: Remove the glove box
You may need to first remove the vent next to the glove box. Then remove the 6 screws holding the glove box in 3 on the bottom and 3 inside. Disconnect the light inside the box. You should be able to pull the box out now.
3rd:loosen the dash board
To make the removeal of the blower a bit easier you shoud remove the two scres on the passenger side of the dash board allowing the dash to move out a bit.
4th:Remove the blower motor
First disconnect the posotive and negotive wires from the blower (Take note of which wire goes where). Then disconnect the vacuume line from the blower..It is not actually going to or from the blower but it is held in place by some built in clamps on the blower. Then remove the 4 screws from the blower and pull it right out.
When you plug the new blower in make sure you put the brown wire to the negative and the other(I forgot what color) to posotive. Give the motor a test before you fully install it. Then when you are sure it is working do steps 1-4 in reverse.
You may be able to fix your blower motors if they just have a loose connection for power...Mine had a bad posotive terminal. I unscrewed the two screws from the motor housing and looked inside to find that it just broke off and could have been fixed instead of getting a new one. This whole process will probably take like 10 to 15 minutes.

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