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I have a few used replacement graphite pumps with the electric motor for $65 shipped. They replace the vacuum pump inside the 8L0862257N central locking module. Replacement is literally a 10 minute job once the pump is out of the trunk. These pumps come from a much more robust older VAG product that I've spent a fair bit of time researching. I do the little bit of modification needed to make them fit, but I have the process down to an art; they're a direct fit replacement for the and A8/S8 D2 (and A4 Br) units. I've been running one in my A8 for quite some time...and have sent numerous out to others who have used them successfully.

Feel free to send me an IM if you want one.

I wrote up these instructions for replacing the pump for someone via email and figured I should post them here:

Once the unit is out of the car and on my work bench I take 2
small-medium sized screw drivers and start working the locking tabs to
remove the top off the unit. Then I push on the electrical connectors
with my fingers to start lifting the printed circuit board out of the

Once that is out of the way I turn the unit over and use a
jewelers screwdriver with about a 1/8" to 3/16" blade to punch on the
rubber nipples from the outside. One or two soft punches on those and
each one will slide out of the plastic housing....and the whole fan unit
will slide out. Gently pull the hard plastic tube that supplies
vac/pressure out of the rubber grommet.

At that point you can choose
where to cut the 2 wires that need to be spliced. A crimp connector
similar to those used for stereo installation should work. Solder them
and apply heat shrink insulation if you have that equipment handy.
Assembly is virtually the same in reverse. I use a small set of needle
nose pliers to grab onto the rubber nipples and pull them back into
position from the outside..

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I don't know. Here are some dimensions you can compare:

rubber nipples are in a square pattern, 2" on center

OD of black pump housing is 2 1/4"

overall depth of the assembly is 3 3/8"

post some photos of yours and I'll look at them.
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