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Replacing Hard Brake Lines on Mk2, help!

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Anyone ever replaced their hard brake lines? My fittings are all corroded and stripped and I need to replace all of the lines. Are the flarings on the VW lines the same standard double flared style used on most American cars or do they use something different? Where can I can I pick up the brake line stock, ends, flaring tool and bending tool cheap?
Anyone have any tips or stuff to avoid?
Thanks. - -MW
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Re: Replacing Hard Brake Lines on Mk2, help! (wintrode)

I am currently doing this on my A2 Golf. I converted the rears to Disc brakes and I have to plumb to the rear.
I was advised by others against bending virgin stock and told to get the pieces from a junkyard.
I did this on my VW Caddy and it worked fine. I removed the lines myself taking care not to strip the ends.
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