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Replacing Hard Brake Lines on Mk2, help!

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Anyone ever replaced their hard brake lines? My fittings are all corroded and stripped and I need to replace all of the lines. Are the flarings on the VW lines the same standard double flared style used on most American cars or do they use something different? Where can I can I pick up the brake line stock, ends, flaring tool and bending tool cheap?
Anyone have any tips or stuff to avoid?
Thanks. - -MW
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Re: Replacing Hard Brake Lines on Mk2, help! (wintrode)

These lines fittings and flairs are metric, where as American Cars use SAE.
The Lines and Fittings can be purchased through your VW dealer.
Typically they will come as an 8' or 10' line section with two fittings and factory flairs.
For the perfect flairs you need the VW specialty tool. Normally, I have a dealer tech friend stop by with the tool, for a soda. As the tool kit is super expensive for the amount of times you'll use it.
It is possible to do with a Sears type tool. Here's the trick... Use a little brake fluid to lube the flairing on the tool when compressing and only do the second step of the flair about half way. Then use an extra, soft line fitting (female) and tighten the fittings together. This will give the final shape of the metric VW.
It takes some p&p, but once you get the hang of it, they'll turn out just fine.
Hope that helps.
Sorry there is one more option.....
Try to find a good used set at a yard.... typically difficult.
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