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Replacing Hard Brake Lines on Mk2, help!

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Anyone ever replaced their hard brake lines? My fittings are all corroded and stripped and I need to replace all of the lines. Are the flarings on the VW lines the same standard double flared style used on most American cars or do they use something different? Where can I can I pick up the brake line stock, ends, flaring tool and bending tool cheap?
Anyone have any tips or stuff to avoid?
Thanks. - -MW
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Re: Replacing Hard Brake Lines on Mk2, help! (Evolution Sports)

Thanks for the responses. I just purchased a bubble flaring tool, line cutter and bending tool, so we will see how it goes this weekend. Wish me luck!
Re: Replacing Hard Brake Lines on Mk2, help! (DgenR8)

The brake job went pretty well. The fittings on the front two hard lines were stripped, so I pulled out the lines, cut off the stripped fittings, put on some new/used fittings that I had, and flared them with the bubble flaring tool.
The flaring tool is straight forward to use, just make sure that you clamp down on the part that secures the tube in the jig, or else you'll have problems with the pipe slipping out. Other than that it is pretty straight forward to use, although I would recommend you have a vice, or some way to secure the jig. Here's the kit that I got from JCWhitney.
(Catalog Part# 13zx5704x, $54.99)

The rest of the brakes went well also.
The entire brake and suspension job took approximately 36 hours to complete with two people working at a somewhat leisurely pace. Here's all that I did for it:
Front Brakes - Replaced the front carriers, calipers, wheel bearings, hubs, discs and pads. Removed the stripped hard line fittings and flared new ones in their place, and fitted Autotech stainless brake lines to the calipers.
Front Suspension - Removed the top part of the existing strut tower (yeah sawzall and angle grinder!!) to make it flat across the top. Fitted Eurosport camber plates and spacers with H&R coilovers (from Virtual World - only $1095). No bushings now in the front suspension, all hard mounts
Rear Brakes - Replaced rear calipers, bearings, rotors/hubs and pads. Fitted stainless steel lines.
Rear Suspension - Removed the rubber suspension bushings and replaced with poly bushings from Eurosport, and H&R coilovers.
Emergency Brake Cables - Replaced both cables relatively easily after I figured out that you didn't want to pull out the brass tube that goes through the floor
General Brake System - Replaced the vacuum booster (or brake servo) and master cylinder. Notes - If you have the ratcheting closed end wrenches, they are SOOOO useful in removing the vacuum booster, I didn't but they are definitely on the Christmas list now!
All in all it was slightly difficult due to the corrosion on the brake lines and fittings, but it was very rewarding and has totally changed the personality of the car. Now I just have to get it aligned (waaaay too much toe at this point), and it is going to be a blast. - -MW

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