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Replacing Hard Brake Lines on Mk2, help!

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Anyone ever replaced their hard brake lines? My fittings are all corroded and stripped and I need to replace all of the lines. Are the flarings on the VW lines the same standard double flared style used on most American cars or do they use something different? Where can I can I pick up the brake line stock, ends, flaring tool and bending tool cheap?
Anyone have any tips or stuff to avoid?
Thanks. - -MW
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Re: Replacing Hard Brake Lines on Mk2, help! (wintrode)

Tell us how that bubble flairing tool works out. I'm replacing my front lines this week. I might buy one myself.
I have seen two flaring tools so far. The most common is the Sears-type flairing tool for about $20. It might work for bubble ends like the above post said. They also sell a more complicated tool specifically for bubble ends. They had this in the NAPA catalog for $102.
NAPA sells brake line in various lengths. It's just 3/16" line with the 11mm metric flair nut. They are not exactly the length of the stock lines, but they don't need to be I guess. I called my VW dealer and they said they don't flair their own line (at least at that location). They call up NAPA and get a length that is close then do the bending themselves.
If you do buy line from a junkyard, make sure to check them for corrosion. You don't want rusty bits making their way to your piston seals. At least flush them out well with brake fluid before you install.
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