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Replacing new aluminium gear knob ;-)

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I want to replace my wooden gear knob and i have seen a nice looking aluminium one, the question is , is it easy to unwind the current one?...it looks fixed to the stick itself?.....any tips?..or examples on how to change it?..

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Re: Replacing new aluminium gear knob ;-) (webbman3)

it's really easy to take off, go to http://www.mkivresource.com and look for Roadsleeper's section, his instructions are good -- i have the aluminum vw knob you're talking about and i love it
Re: Replacing new aluminium gear knob ;-) (Blue Flame)

cheers for that...i am abit put off it now...i may need some professional help on it....
Re: Replacing new aluminium gear knob ;-) (Driftin GTI)

some dude saying don't bother with it:
Don't bother. Aluminium gearknobs are freezing to use in winter. The only minus in my girlfriends MINI is the chrome ring on the gearknob - gives you a cold shock everytime you change gear.
If you do change it get one shaped like a pistol grip - makes your gearchanges 0.2 of a second quicker - watch the 0-60 times tumble.....
Re: Replacing new aluminium gear knob ;-) (webbman3)

Hey matey..!
I bought a new gear stick a couple of months back... Takes like 10 mins to install. Although i've now ended up putting my old wood effect stick back in..
If you dont want to get the VW alu sport stick you can always get the Luop GTI stick...looks really good and you wont have the 'freezing weld to your hand' problem as well!

Will look quite good in a sliver mota if you have you got the Red/black recaro's...
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Re: Replacing new aluminium gear knob ;-) (GTi TAB)

How easy was it to remove???
Re: Replacing new aluminium gear knob ;-) (GTi TAB)

alright mate,
i didn't realise it was a big effort to change the gear knob i thought it was just screwed on to the tip of the gear, i will will probably get a mate of mine to fit one on and i can blame him if he messes up!..hahah........
i have the blue/black recaro's seats, not even sure why i picked that colour as i am red fan..ahahaha...
Re: Replacing new aluminium gear knob ;-) (golfturbo_uk)

quote:[HR][/HR]How easy was it to remove???[HR][/HR]​
Quite easy.. Hardest part was getting the small metal ring off that grips the stick to the metal shaft. Best use a set of stubby wire cutters, but once removed the stick just slides off. That was the most time consuming bit but the new stick was on in about 3 mins...
Although saying that I've now put my old wood stick back in. As Daft arse me (
) went to order the Lupo GTI stick and saw a Jazz Blue colour coded stick on the ETKA system and thought that would look better...and well....it didn't..

Ill get some pics of the install if anyones interested - maybe you could put them on your site Steve?
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