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Replacing OEM radio with monsoon system

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My gf's 2000 Jetta's double din radio has been crapping out lately and I have been searching for an OEM replacement. Only problem is that I am only finding monsoon units for sale. Question is, will a monsoon double unit plug and play directly into the non-monsoon wiring? Any help would be great guys, thanks ahead of time.
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i wouldent bother when you can pick up a nice head unit off crutchfield with an install kit for around 150
I second that. Buy a new head unit and you can have satellite radio / HD radio / MP3 capability. You're better off. By the time you convert you could have done it MUCH cheaper. Use Crutchfield. I love Crutchfield, they know what they are doing and give you all the harnesses you'll need to get the job done.
Re: Replacing OEM radio with monsoon system (civic4drnwv)

to the OP, yes.
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