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Apparently $180 for the part and maybe around 4 hours of labor? You could probably find the bracket for cheap somewhere else, and double the labor if it's your first time. You don't need anything special, only sockets, a torque wrench, and maybe a breaker bar for when you do the +90掳 for the motor mount bolts.

  • Put the car on ramps.
  • Jack up the passenger side of the car using the subframe mounting bolt. Put the passenger side on a jack stand.
  • Remove the passenger side wheel. Remove passenger side splash guard.
  • Remove upper and lower timing covers exposing the timing belt.
  • Support the engine by the oil pan using a jack and some wood. Remove the motor mount. Jack the engine up to get the two upper bracket bolts and the lower the engine to get the lower bracket bolt.
  • Snake out the bracket. You may have to raise or lower the engine to remove it.

Whats wrong with your bracket? Stripped threads? You can use a time-sert #1215 kit and #12155 inserts to repair the threads instead of buying a new bracket every other timing belt change.

You might as well do the timing belt and tensioner if you haven't already recently done it.

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Whats wrong with your bracket? Stripped threads? You can use a time-sert #1215 kit and #12155 inserts to repair the threads instead of buying a new bracket every other timing belt change.
Thanks for the info on the I time-sert #1215 (they look to cost about $120+). I don't know if the shop used this when they had to re-thread one or two of the engine mount bolts to the bracket? I'll ask them when I call tomorrow since I just got my car back on Friday after a lot of work. Also, I wasn't going to get all long winded. But.. Here's the scoop on the poop. Short Summary (Shop Said the Bracket had some threading issues and they had to re-thread at least one of the bolts for the passenger engine mount that goes to this mounting bracket. Shop recommends replacing this bracket AFTER the engine was just out and all my other repairs were done! 馃が

Long Version
I took my car to a shop recently to replace my top manifold studs that broke off and install an entirely new manifold with all new hardware etc. Initially I was under the impression my dog bone mount front bushing caused excessive movement and thus caused and these manifold studs to break. Now, it turns out it's possibly this engine mount bracket?

I would of expected them to tell me this during an extremely expensive repair that required pulling the engine out. They mentioned they had to rethread one of the bolts that go into this bracket for the passenger engine mount. After I picked it up they informed me this and I questioned why this would not of been replaced when they did all the other work since I requested they diagnose what caused my engine movement and mentioned I thought it was the dog bone mount bushing I mentioned. So, now I need to get all this done again because it's not properly fixed and I still noticed my shifting is a little off into first and it doesn't feel how I would expect with a expensive new 034 dog bone mount. They also put in a new timing belt , tensioner and some other stuff that was done like my coolant flange.

Nevertheless, now I need to try to get this bracket replaced along with possibly other things like the timing belt which they just replaced. Hopefully I can take it easy and still drive the car but now my A/C stopped working so I'm hoping it needs a recharge or something else is wrong. So, I've been driving around in a hot car on a hot weekend. I'm hoping they can help address the A/C issue soon! I don't know if it's related but my A/C was briefly working when I left this shop after dropping TONS of $$$$ on my repairs. About 3 miles away my boost gauge pressure sputtered really bad while my AC was on and the car died. I barely got it started back up and after I did it was running terrible! It was backfiring and sputtering,etc. I drove back to the shop and was thinking the worse. It turns out they didn't secure a wiring harness that goes to the MAP / Boost pressure sensor and that was rubbing on the serp belt and severed some wires. They showed me 3 codes the car was throwing and one was low voltage to the MAP/Boost sensor. They mended the wires up and isolated them and it's been ok since then and is not throwing any codes. I have no idea what happened with my Air conditioning while the engine was out but I'm hoping they can address this soon. It's also possible my compressor or something was damaged when this wiring shorted out because my AC was starting to work before that happened.

They said it would cost about $800 to do the mounting bracket and I really wish they would of told me and fixed this. Good times? Thanks for any info. This shop used to always do good work for me so this is upsetting and I have to call them next week to see why they didn't just replace this.[/RANTOFF] 馃崢
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