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replacing shift knob

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thinking of getting the driver gear aluminium shift knob, how easy/hard is it to replace, don't want to break any clips, but would rather do it myself.
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Re: replacing shift knob (Silver GLS 1.8T)

there is a one time use brass clip that holds the stock one in place. you will have to destroy that to get it off. Then, just use a hose clamp in its place. Its easy
Re: replacing shift knob (2kjettaguy)

you don't even need a hose clamp, the driver gear aluminum knob uses set screws to attach to the shift arm, incredibly easy to change -- i have the knob you're talking about
Re: replacing shift knob (Blue Flame)

Not hard.
Re: replacing shift knob (Blue Flame)

so how do you remove the boot? is there a clip you have to push first? or does it just pull up?
Re: replacing shift knob (roadsleeper)

I've seen this instruction list before, just saved it, thanks
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