Current Audi RS models offer a range of powerplants, letting buyers pick from combustion-only and electrified models. But not for long, says Autocar , because they'll be moving to one car, one engine for the Audi Sport models starting soon.

“We are well-known for precise portfolio planning, and we want to keep it easy for the customer. We will have one car with one engine. It doesn’t make sense to have different variants," Audi Sport sales boss Rolf Michl told the publication.

Right now Audi has the RS6 Avant with 48V micro-hybrid as its only electrified model, but PHEV and even EVs will start to show up and become a big part of Audi Sport's lineup.

The first will be a plug-in RS4 hybrid. After that, the e-tron GT RS, both set to arrive before 2023 and adding a new depth to the company's performance.

“Maybe there will be different variants for different concepts, whether they are electrified, internal combustion-engined or otherwise, but every model will have a single drivetrain,” said Michl adding that “Audi AG is positioning itself as consistently electric. The first step of electrification is already done with the RS6 and there will be fully electric versions with the E-tron GT.

“Our main focus is performance and everyday usability. There are brilliant aspects [of electrification] for performance cars, such as torque vectoring and amazing cornering speeds. Electrified performance can absolutely be emotional.”