Audi could soon become charged with overseeing activities at Bentley if a report from Automobilewoche is correct.

The move would see Audi control Bentley’s technological and financial activities as of 2021. With Audi already in charge of R&D for the Volkswagen empire, that would give it substantial influence over the British manufacturer.

Already rumors have started that Bentley will make an electrified model using the Porsche/Audi-developed PPE platform. The platform underpins the Taycan and the e-tron GT and is, frankly, the only reasonable platform for Bentley if it wants (as indeed it will have) to make an EV. It won’t all be sunny EVs and futurism, though.

Profits have been good for Bentley lately, but it faces big challenges. The brand completed a turnaround in 2019 that saw it make 65 million euros in profit that year. But with the coronavirus and, more uniquely Brexit, those profits could be jeopardized.

Bentley estimates that a no-deal Brexit will cost it a quarter of its profits. That’s something Audi will no doubt be eager to minimize during its stewardship over the Crewe crew.