A new set of emissions testing rules means that the base MkVII Golf GTI will not be back for 2018 in Europe. But fear not, Europeans, the GTI Performance will return and the cheap GTI will be back for the MkVIII.

The Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) is coming to replace the notably lax European emissions tests, which is good news for air-breathers, but which causes a headache for automakers.

Already the SEAT Leon Cupra and the Golf R Performance have taken 10 hp performance hits as a result of the coming WLTP rules, but Autocar reports that it will kill the lower-rung MkVII GTI altogether next year.

That's because the price of reengineering the lowly GTI is a little too high for VW, which will instead focus on the GTI Performance and the upcoming GTI TCR. 

And VW hasn't given up on the low-price GTI. When the MkVIII Golf is revealed next year, the base GTI will return, according the Autocar.

[source: Autocar ]