A hybrid Volkswagen Golf GTI?!? Not so fast. Expect the seminal hot hatch to stick to what it knows best, a gas engine, for the next generation, says a new report.

Rumors circulated last fall that VW could be making the GTI a mild-hybrid. Adding some electric goodness to the hatch. Now Autocar says that the mild hybrid tech will be coming to the Golf, but not the one with plaid seats and a dimpled gear shift.

So what's expected underhood? An update to the EA888 2.0L turbo four that's in there now. Expect more power, with the standard GTI offering 252 hp and a 286 hp model replacing the current Performance version. Both well over the current 228. It could be badged as the TCR, referring to the racing series of the same name. VW's used that badge in Europe already on a near-final edition of the current car.

The change from hybrid plans is said to be an effort to keep the current car's character. To that end, Autocar is also reporting a new focus on more direct steering and that extra power to deliver some fizz.

No word yet on when to expect the new GTI to be revealed.

[source: Autocar ]